Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi everyone, I am Charlene Leatherman. I am writing for Cerridwen Press. My novel is coming out in August. I would love to let you see the cover of my novel, but I haven't seen it yet myself.

Unlike my wonderful friends here, I really don't have much to say about my life. I'm pretty boring, you see. My exciting world is in my imagination.

In my imagination there is:

Morgan Taj Zephyrain from Sonij. She is the heroine of Prophecy of Vithan, the novel that is coming out in August. She is a hard hitting, battle hardened brothel slave that wants nothing to do with men. They however want everything to do with her.

Carella Maxwell from Earth. She is the heroine of Stone of Cruento. She was bitten by a vampire, rescued by an ogre, and wooed by a centaur.

There's others too. Jaden, a mermaid. Magnys, a rogue that is decended from a winged woman.Janusa, a shape-shifter. Duce, a succubus that hates men. On and on. The list never seems to end. Just when I am ready to say okay, there are no more heroines, another pops up.

Complete with hero, villian and impossible situation.

So starting next month, I will introduce you to a heroine and her man. Maybe I will even get permission from one of my characters to write a cliff-hanger on this blog. At least until August when I can finally show you my cover.


Bronwyn Green said...


Where Duce fit in? I'm not gonna lie, I'm absolutely fascinated by the idea of a sucubus that hates men. Tell us more!

Lacey Thorn said...

Charlene you have more of a story than anyone. Your imagination continues to astound and amaze me. And I will always remain a huge fan!!!


~Sable said...

The imagination is the most powerful tool human beings have! You're making good use of yours, Charlene. With ogres, mermaids, shifters, vampires and succubus...OH MY! I can't wait to read your books this summer.