Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Richard, Lord Glenmore, in my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, was seriously wounded in body and soul during the Crimean War while serving with the 17th Hussars. His horse was shot out from under him, shrapnel from an exploding shell ripped his right leg below the knee and blood from a trooper whose head was blown apart spurted into Richard's eyes.

He spent months in a field hospital before returning home. He wants to be left alone. Nightmares plague him. He withdraws from society and remains in his darkened rooms in the family mansion. Concerned about his emotional health, his mother, the Dowager, Lady Glenmore, engages a young lady, Catherine Thurston, as his companion to read to him.

Richard does not want a companion, male or female, and vows to get rid of the obnoxious female by fair means or foul.

That's the set-up! Visit my website at, www.anitabirt.com to read an excerpt from A Very Difficult Man, and find out more about me. Happy Reading everyone.


Delia Carnell said...

Oh, yes. A wounded hero. I don't think I've ever written one that wasn't.

Check out TOUGHER THAN DIAMONDS tomorrow at Cerridwen. Jake's emotionally wounded when we first meet him. It's later that he gets shot. After Rebecca talks him into helping her chase that damn diamond. You'd think she'd give up after it almost costs both of them their lives, wouldn't you?

Find out more tomorrow.


Lacey Thorn said...

Anita this book is slowly working its way to the top of my list! I'll be getting it soon and I'm looking forward to it! It seems to have a Wuthering Heights sort of feel to it. Like the great classic books of old! I'm anxious to read it!