Thursday, March 8, 2007

Let's talk about COFFEE

Now that most of you have drunk yourselves silly and slid under the tables, I'm going to the kitchen to make a pot of my favorite coffee. Hmm...Starbucks Hazelnut special roast. Anyone want a cup?

Seriously, what is it about coffee and writers and our desperate need to snuggle up to a cup o'joe? Java? Brew? whatever! Generally, we love the stuff and claim we can't function without it. I know I can't...not for long anyway. My husband claims I have a serious caffeine addiction. He may be right. I tried switching to decaf one time. I heard on TV sometime that caffeine ups your blood pressure and your bad cholesterol...yada yada yada. By about my third cup I was one cranky girl. I had a headache the size of Montana. Being deprived of my necessary caffeine jolt was enough to raise my blood pressure. LOL!! I'll never do that again.

How do you like your coffee? I take mine with 1/2 tsp of sugar (the real stuff, keep that artificial crap out of my sight!) and 2% milk. If forced to, I will drink it black. I grind my own beans and make coffee with a French press that my mom gave me for Christmas one year (she gave me this coffee addiction too, ya' know?)

What the brew does for me? It frees my mind, by God! Sipping hot coffee in the morning is like seeing the windows of my imagination being opened. It powers my adrenaline for action scenes and all those lusty sex scenes. Woo-hoo!

By about 3pm in the afternoon, I stop drinking coffee and usually switch to Blackberry tea. It's got plenty of caffein in it too, but doesn't keep me awake at night if I need to get some sleep. But if I really need to stay awake to write out a scene, I make a fresh pot of COFFEE and enjoy it without guilt.

So, lay it on, ladies! Here's our first topic. :-D


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Coffee is icky in any form!

~Sable said...

That's okay, Cindy! It's not for everyone. I didn't actually like the stuff until I was 25. Then, all of sudden, I wondered what I'd been missing for that long!!

Bronwyn Green said...

I like my coffee to taste as little like coffee as possible - which is why I think Coke Blak is a good idea. :)

But I am a confessed caffiene addict - Coke and balck tea...just not together!

Elissa Abbott said...

I could never stomach coffee until I hit grad school, when my classes ran until 10:00 pm and it took me another two hours to get home. I still only drink it for the caffeine. I'll have a cup or two in the morning but don't enjoy it. It's the ritual of it, the association in my mind between coffee and "time to work," as well as the caffeine. I don't drink it on weekends or vacation.

Delia Carnell said...

Okay, just to show you how bad I am at this computer stuff--- I just left my coffee comment on the blog entry one step up from this one!!!

Somebody throw me a life line!