Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chrysanthemum by Anny Cook

All my spare time today was spent reading.

That is unusual since most of my spare time is spent writing.

Today I read Chrysanthemum by Anny Cook.

Anny Cook is an author who I have had the privilege of working around. She has the same editor as I have. And as authors do, we share excerpts of our writing - sometimes for fun, sometimes for critique, sometimes we want to get something started on our message group. The reason I mention this is that I knew something about Chrysanthemum before I started reading it.

Chrysanthemum is the first in the Flowers of Camelot series. You know King Arthur, Camelot, the Round Table. Well, that is where the premise starts.

Here is a blurb:

"On that dark day Arthur, mortally wounded, was taken to the Isle of Avalon by Vivian, Lady of the Lake, and Merlin, where he died and was laid to rest in the crystal cave…"

Well, actually, that's not quite the way it happened.In truth, Queen Vivian and Merlin abducted the king and returned him to his home planet, Avalon. Now he's anxious to marry off his youngest son, Gareth. When Florian LeFleur, his wardrobe guardian, asks permission to bring his three unmarried daughters to court, Arthur decides it's the perfect opportunity and assigns Gareth to oversee their time at Came-a-lot Castle.

Despite her determination to remain heart-free, Chrysanthemum immediately falls for Gareth. Life should have been rosy but there were roadblocks along the path to happily ever after. The Blue Knight captured Arthur, Percival the dragon demanded a virgin, Queen Vivian decided it would be the perfect time to stage a coup and the Abbott at Solomon's Choice Abbey chose Chrysanthemum for their ritual deflowering.

Will Gareth get Chrysanthemum to the priest in time to save the king and Avalon?

There is only one thing I can say about the book Chrysanthemum - It is delightful. It is fun to read, constantly surprising you with twists and turns where Anny takes English Literature involving King Arthur, Camelot, and all the Knights of the Round Table and turns it on its head. If you like a rollicking romp filled with love, dragons and lots of hot sex you have got to get this book. It is available at Ellora's Cave. Trust me, you will thank Anny for a fun summer read.

Charlene Leatherman

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Anny Cook said...

Heh! Glad you liked it Charlene! Hope it made you smile alot!