Friday, July 11, 2008

Firday! It's all about Too Young To Die

I am being totally shameless to-day and will quote from the four fantastic reviews I have received for my romantic suspense, TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

A featured review from Manic Readers: "Too Young To Die is a roller coaster of adrenaline, bullets flying everywhere and a big strong gorgeous gay to protect you ...Anita Birt does a beautiful job in this action packed story as she keeps your eart running with Ellie and wondering if her life will ever be back to normal..." Reviewed by Lena

From the Romance Studio: "From the first pages of the book you are caught up in Ellie's life as it took an unexpeced turn that she never saw coming. Taking care of her young charge, Niki, became her number one priority, sometimes even above her own needs. Meeting up with Jack is a god send. Without his help, she and baby Niki could have died. With dangetrsou men on their heels at every turn, having to rely on and involve others in the danger she was in upset Elle. Yet she knew without their help she couldn't have made it as far as she did and still remain alive...." Five Hearts reviewed by Margo Arthur

From Simply Romance Reviews: In Too Young To Die by Anita Birt you get a superb book with a hook that grabs you from the first paragraph. Definitly a book you DO NOT WANT TO MISS....

The twists and turns in this book kept me turning pages left and right welll in the wee hours of the morning ... the characters have great personalities that radiate from them, and I found myself roooting for them to be safe, run fast, and get the bad guys..." Reviewed by Tonie

From Romance Reviews Today: As TOO YOUNG TO DIE opens, Nanny Ellie Paxton is being held hostage in a remote area of the Cascade Mountains by an unknown group of men who threaten to kill her and the baby in her care. They are after the password to her employer's computer for some unexplained reason. When the men leave her alone for a moment, Ellie see the chance to escape with little Niki. Her flight from the kidnappers lands her in the path of Jack Merano. Is he friend or foe? With this heart stopping opening TOO YOUNG TO DIE is a thrilla minute ans Wellie and Jack embard on a race for their lives..." Review by Patti Fischer

Whew. I am thrilled to bits.

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