Friday, July 18, 2008

Portrait of a Lady in a Blue Dress

The painting is by Konstantin Somov. I saw it in a magazine with other paintings for sale at Sotheby's in London. I was so taken with the painting I searched on the internet and downloaded it and there it is.
Something about the woman's face intrigued me so much I had to write a book with her as the heroine. I gave her a name. I have the opening scene. Are you intrigued enough to take part in a little contest? Anyone reading this blog may join in. Here is what you have to do. Ta da! Write a paragraph - no more than 250 words - a first scene hook. If you go over 250 words I won't disqualify you! You may need a few extra words to make the scene work.
Simple. I know the entires will be fabulous and difficult to judge so I will have a lucky draw and the winner will receive a copy of my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man.
Welcome goddesses and others who stop by. Send your entries to me at: Your names and e-mail addresses will remain with me and will not be shared.

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