Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heart of the Bear is here!

It's here! Heart of the Bear, book 1 in my new Guardian Investigations series, released yesterday from Total-E-Bound. CLick on the cover to visit the publisher's listing. Here's a snippet:

Heart of the Bear
Guardian Investigations Book 1
By Cindy Spencer Pape
Available NOW from Total-E-Bound

She can see into the minds of criminals, but can she find her way into the heart of the bear? Detective and psychic Hannah Lightfoot heads to her family’s mountain cabin to make some hard decisions about the future of her career. When she reaches the cabin she finds it already occupied—by a handsome naked stranger. Shape-shifter Evan Maddox is her brother’s friend and partner. After a night of unbelievable passion, they work together to rescue a kidnapped child. He believes in Hannah’s gifts, but can he trust her with his deepest secrets? Maybe even with his heart?
Snippet: (PG)
If I hadn’t swerved to miss the deer, I wouldn’t have gone off onto the shoulder of the mountain road. If I hadn’t hit the shoulder, I would have been out of the path of the minor mudslide that buried my tiny hybrid car up to the bumpers. And yeah, if I had been paying more attention to the road, I probably wouldn’t have had to swerve to avoid the doe and her fawn when they’d bounded across the road in front of me.

But I had swerved, my car was thoroughly stuck, rain was coming down in buckets, and it was getting dark. A quick check of my cell phone proved my next fear correct—no service. Oh well. No point in whining about it now. The good news was that the cabin was only a mile or so up the road, and it had a phone line, so I could call the auto club from there. I left on the flashers then climbed out on the passenger side, where the mud was only calf-deep. Still cursing my own idiocy with every step, I hoisted my backpack from the rear seat, strapped it on and started to walk.

The rain and wind chilled my face and hands quickly, even penetrating my thin windbreaker and hooded sweatshirt as well as my jeans and hiking boots. By the time I trudged up to the door of my grandfather’s cabin, I was soaked, frozen and out of breath from the uphill hike. I fumbled with my key in the lock and pretty much fell through the doorway before I noticed that something was wrong. There shouldn’t have been a light on in the hallway.

And the bathroom door at the end of the short hallway shouldn’t have opened to reveal a cloud of steam and a very wet, very large, very naked man.

I’m not proud of what I did next, but it seemed logical at the time. Instead of stopping to appreciate the work of art in front of me or sending a snap kick at his face, I screamed, dropped my backpack onto the porch and ran like hell into the woods.
Saturday July 12, Lacey and I will be signing One Good Man along with other EC authors Kaenar Langford and Isabelle Drake just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Stop by if you can, we'd love to see you:
July 12: Noon-3 pm: Paperbacks n Things: 8944 N. Wayne Rd., Westland, MI 48185 (734) 522-8018.
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