Saturday, September 20, 2008

Better Late than never

Friday is my blogging day with the Goddesses and I forgot! My excuse is feeble. We had our grandson, Fraser, visiting. He flew back to London, England where he works on Thursday afternoon. My thoughts were with him on that long ten/eleven hour flight from Vancouver to London. So that's where my mind was wandering. He is home safe and sound.

So what is new with me? I am beginning to put together PR material to publicize my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, when it's released in paperback in October/November. My friend, Solveig McLaren, does PR as a sideline. We had a meeting last week and discussed various options as promotional materials. Bookmarks. Pens. Fridge magnets. We decided to try something different.

Put together a small booklet. Cover of my book. Inside, part of the first chapter that leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next. Susan Lyons, multi-published friend, sent me one of her neat little booklets. I really liked it. Solveig thinks the booklet is friendly. It will be read out of curiosity and, hopefully, will be so interesting the reader will buy the book. I will probably do some bookmarks as well.

On Monday I will take the floppy with the cover and the partial to a reliable printer and find out what the booklet will cost. I want it small enough to send in a regular size envelope. However, that depends on what can be done, etc.

If you have some brilliant suggestions please send them to me privately at, or put them up on our Goddess blog so all can benefit.


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