Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New beginnings

YAY, it's finally fall. Not according to the stars or weather (hotter than blazes today) but according to the all-important school calendar. Kids are back in school, so mom has her life back!

I've got a bunch of releases coming this fall, and a bunch more to get cracking on. But I love this time of year. Even more than January, it gives me a sense of new beginnings and second chances. Maybe I spent too long in academia, or maybe it's the sight of all those shiny new notebooks and pens and pencils--a writer's favorite toys.

Anyway, here's a sneak preview of one of my upcoming books, and it's all about new beginnings and second chances.

Three for All
By Cindy Spencer Pape
Coming 10/3/08 from Ellora’s Cave

Blurb: In her 600 years, elven reporter Eislinn has had two great loves in her life—paranormal police officer Callum, another elf, and Lothan, a demon enforcer. One hot summer night the three of them come together, and Philadelphia practically explodes with the passion.

Note: This book contains male/male and male/male/female sexual acts and light bondage. The excerpt contains sexual discussion and strong language.


“When will you learn not to mess around with things that can kill you, Eis? You’re six hundred years old. When are you going to grow up?”

Callum raised a sandy eyebrow and turned his piercing green gaze on Lothan. The two had clearly met before but didn’t know each other well. That made sense, given that Callum was a member of the city’s special paranormal police team, while Lothan did pretty much the same job on a private level. Both were charged with keeping paranormal rule-breakers in line and out of the newspapers. The elf and the demon were cut from very similar cloth, really. They were both smart and brave and honorable and had each, at one point, been the love of Eislinn’s life. And apparently neither of them had quite twigged to that fact. Though now it seemed like the shit was about to hit the fan.

“Sounds like you know our star reporter pretty well, von Deimos. How exactly are you two acquainted?”

Eislinn squirmed. Nothing like having two ex-boyfriends in one room. Especially when they were the two she’d never really gotten over. It was bad enough that both of them were in Philadelphia at the same time. Ever since Callum had shown up here a year ago, she’d wondered if he’d been following her. She could have lived a few more centuries without them getting together and ganging up on her. Unless—she felt her pussy clench. No, she was pretty sure that neither of them would ever go for it. They were both centuries old alpha males. Neither would be willing to share her—would they? If only for this one night?

“Oh the lovely Eislinn and I are old friends, elf.” Lothan had an eye for races and he’d pegged Callum immediately as one of the Fae, just like Eislinn. “Old enough that I’m tempted to tie her up and paddle her backside for putting herself in danger tonight.”

His heated gaze was making Eislinn sweat. Her nipples hardened under her hoodie and her jeans were getting soaked. It had been almost five years since she and Lothan had been together and she hadn’t had a really good spanking since. She had to maintain some pride, though, so she held her ground. “Sure you are, big guy. Promises, promises.”

“I’ll help,” Callum offered. His grass-green eyes were shot through with golden sparks—a sure sign that he was aroused to either anger or passion. “I’ve been trying to get her to stop taking stupid risks for two hundred years. And think how pretty she’ll look with that little ass all red from both of our hands.”

Eislinn’s breath stopped in her throat. Had Callum just suggested…

He had.

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