Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lighten Up

Click here for a link to the actual comic in the Washington Post)
This one struck home as my neighborhood association is permanently bent about 1) my turquoise front door. ( I think it goes very well with my grey house with dark blue trim) 2) my husband's wildflower rain garden (we get endangered butterflies every year) and 3) the light-up pink metal mesh flamingo (the same construction as the light-up reindeer at Christmas). And I'll point out that Bob the flamingo only lives on my back deck during the summer--and is hardly ever lit.
Why is it we constantly feel the need to tell others how they should live? Whether it's in the name of moral right or "property values," Americans always seem to think they know better than anyone else the proper way to do things.
Stuff proper.
Off to build a trebuchet--the one T made for a cub scout project was disassembled years ago.

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