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She spent her life devoted to her husband and children. She stayed strong when her husband died and devoted herself to what she had left...her children. But sometimes fate has more in store for us. Sometimes we are blessed with two great loves. All we have to do is be willing to grab with both hands and let nothing...and no one keep us from life.

Bare Devotion
Lacey Thorn

Bare Love 4

Ally wants one thing, to stop the man who killed her mother from killing anyone else. What she finds is more than she ever imagined. Blake, the fire marshal in Legacy, has finally met his match in the woman he mistakes for a pyro-maniac. But the fire they ignite together is sure to burn them both in the flames of passion.
Catherine Daniels is fighting flames of her own. The time has come for her to decide what she wants...Life with the man she is coming to love? Or letting him walk away because of her fears and uncertainties? It is a decision that she struggles with every moment…Until the night she may lose the ability to choose at all.


He watched the shadow ease closer to the side of the house edging around to the back door he assumed. Blake didn’t know what had made him come back by the house tonight but was glad that he had. He may have just caught the man they were looking for. He eased his cell phone out and called the cell number he had for Detective Gil Daniels.
“Gil, it’s Blake,” he replied as soon as he heard the voice on the other end of the line. “I’m here at the last house and there’s someone trying to sneak in.”
“So our guy came back,” Gil exclaimed. “I’ll call Ben on the way. Don’t do anything stupid Blake. This guy has killed six people so far. Don’t take any chances.”
Blake ignored Gil’s warning as he hung the phone up with a snap. There was something wrong here. The shadow was too small, too petite to be a man. And if what he was thinking was correct then what the hell was a woman doing here at this time of night? What did she have to do with this investigation?
“Shit” Blake muttered and headed at a slow run to the side of the house where the shadow was already disappearing around the corner. No matter what he had to stop her from getting into the house. He was hoping to take a fresh look at the scene in the morning and didn’t want to lose any trace evidence he might find.
Blake took a running leap planning to tackle the small figure in the soft grass just off the back porch.
Ally heard a noise and turned to peer behind her. She had time for a startled squeal before the large figure took her tumbling to the ground finally landing with him on top of her, his big body sprawled between her spread legs. Ally gave a soft gasp at the sparks that flowed through her at his touch.
He was big but then most people were when compared to her five foot height. People constantly referred to her as a fairy with her diminutive height, long black hair and green eyes.
Blake leaned his full weight on the woman beneath him. And he could tell that she was all woman. He could easily feel the shape of her full and obviously unconfined breasts, the heat of her sex against his growing erection. Shit, he thought trying to adjust his position between her thighs. He had obviously been way to long without a woman. He needed to get laid and soon.
“Get off of me,” the woman gasped doing her own wiggling that only brought her flush against his full blown erection. They both stilled at the delicious sensations that coursed through their bodies. It felt good. It felt right.
“Not yet sweetheart,” Blake told her giving up all pretenses and relaxing his body down over hers. “What the hell are you doing here?”
He could see the wheels spinning behind her eyes and wanted to laugh when she replied with a shrug. “I’m looking for my aunt’s house. Obviously I’ve got the wrong address.”
“Am I interrupting something?” Gil asked from behind them causing two sets of startled eyes to glance his way.
“Just getting to know the lady better,” Blake said as he lumbered to his feet. “How did you get here so fast?”
“I was just around the corner when you called,” Gil murmured a smile tugging at his lips.
Ally’s eyes widened as she took in the sheer size of the men in front of her looking even bigger from her reclined position on the ground. The one who had interrupted them was long and lean but she could easily see that he would be a force to be reckoned with. But it was the other man, the one who had held her so intimately on the ground that her gaze kept returning to as she slowly came to her feet before them.
The moon was finally out of hiding and she could get a good look at him. He was gorgeous. He had to be well over six feet, at least an inch taller than the lean guy, with wide shoulders bulging with muscles. Thick wavy brown hair settled around his shoulders and it was all she could do not to moan her pleasure at finally seeing him. He was sex personified. Rough, dirty, raunchy sex. And the bulge straining against his zipper was impressive.
“Uh…umm,” Blake cleared his throat as he caught her eyeing the straining length of his erection. Yeah, his cock was hungry for her and the blush that stained her cheeks assured him that she knew it. “You want to try again to tell us what the hell you’re doing here?”

If you missed this fourth book in the Bare Love series then hurry and get it now! Not only does it introduce the characters of Ally and Blake but it finally tells the hidden story of matriarch Catherine Daniels and just who the mystery man is that she's been seeing. Will she choose to come out to her children about this man? Or will she lose her second chance at love?

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced.

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