Friday, May 2, 2008

My kingdom for a fan!

A fan, a fan, my kingdom for a fan. There must be someone out there who checks out the Goddess blog. I don't really have a kingdom to offer for a fan/reader to say "hi" but I am very good at saying "thank you." Having caught your attention I am promoting my next release from Cerridwen Press. TOO YOUNG TO DIE, is a romantic suspense. It can be ordered on line from Cerridwen Press on and after May 6. That's next week! And to whet your reading appetite, here is a little blurb. Nope. It didn't copy. I'll have to do it from my other computer. It's upstairs so I shall make my way there shortly and continue.

In the meantime, here is the cover. Curses. I can't transfer the image. Sorry, folks. I'm batting 000 on this one. You can go to my web site and find the cover and an excerp- I hope. Why is life so difficult at times? Testing my character? Probably and I may be found wanting.


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