Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day

Where has the week gone? Here it is Friday and my day to blog. About what you may ask. Oh hot damn. My new laptop has French as well as English - a Canadian keyboard - and for no reason at all the French is popping up instead of a question mark I am getting this É I do not have a clue how to fix it.
It is Mother`Day on Sunday. Our son lives in the Toronto area so my husband is taking me out to dinner to celebrate. Please excuse the strange marks for this and that. French!
When do wives and mothers get to quit and start to take life easy - I have a very painful stressed left shoulder and nothing seems to help so I am a goddess who wants to quit this vale
of tears temporarilyand check into a spa for a week doing nothing but having someone look after me. Like a big baby floating in warm water, patted with hot rocks, massaged with warm fragrant oil and so on until I arise at the end of the week a NEW WOMAN. I live in hope. In meantime life goes on apace.

I have four books with Cerridwen Press. I haven`t featured my first novel for weeks so here is the cover for my historical romance, A VERY DIFFICULT MAN.
My hero was badly injured in the Crimean War and came home a bitter man. Incompetent generals sent hundreds of men to their deaths. It should not have happened and Douglas suffered from what we now call, post traumatic sense disorder. How he recovered and found a new love makes for a wonderful read. It has had excellent reviews. Check my web site, to read an excerpt.
Thanks for stopping by. Anita

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