Saturday, May 17, 2008

A funny thing happened ...

Yep, I missed blogging on Friday. Why? No particular reason. Oh, I have a reason! Friday was our first really, really warm day. Spring spread its wings over Vancouver Island and the change in the weather did me in. Lackadaisical is how I felt. Spring fever or something. It affects other members of the animal kingdom as well as we humans.

The bears are out of their dens, hungry and grumpy. Avoid them!

The red-sided garter snakes have come out of their winter dens in Narcisse, Manitoba to mate. Tens of thousands perform their frenzied mating ritual before dispersing to nearby marshes. The picture in the Globe and Mail shows a mass of writhing snakes having at it. I don't know how they figure who is doing what to whom but it seems to work. They are not poisonous.

In other news reported in The National Post. Work on a new road in England was halted for three months at a cost of $2-million because the site was thought to be home to a colony of great crested newts, the BBC reported. Leicestershire County Council had to install protection fences and traps - to no avail not a single red crested newt was found. Only in England! Where they have tunneled under roads to make it safe for toads to cross to the other side without being squashed.

So there are my spring stories. One more. This morning I planted pink and white impatients in the big flower pot on our front porch. I have made a neat barricade around the pot with thin sticks so the man/woman who delivers are our newspapers in the middle of the night won't bash my flowers to pieces - as happened to some of my winter pansies. The papers are tossed, not carefully, from an idling car.

Do drop by - and read my interview with Alan Tremaine, my hero in Ring Around The Moon, my time travel romance.

It's a holiday week-end in Canada. Victoria Day, named after Queen Victoria who reigned for 61 years in the nineteenth century.

Thanks for coming by. Whatever you are doing, enjoy.


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