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Is the art of seduction lost? What is your definition of seduction? Does it include every aspect of the body? The skin, the hair, the tongue? What about the mind? If I'm turned on in my mind then my body is as well. Are you the same? What does it take to put you in the mood?

My third Bare Love book is titled Bare Seduction and it is all about the art of seducing. Let's take a look and see if I can show you what I mean.

Imprint: Ellora's Cave
Bare Seduction by Lacey Thorn
Release date: 7/18/07
Genre: Contemporary / Ménage
Rating: E
ISBN: 9781419910272
Price: $5.95

Bare Seduction
Lacey Thorn

Bare Love 3
After her mother’s funeral Cass returns to Legacy for Moira’s wedding to Detective Gil Daniels. First on her list of things to do is Moira’s bachelorette party. Cass is having a great time and is talked into demonstrating walking on her hands, a feat she can only do if she discards her dress which she willingly does. That’s when the fun begins. Walking down the large hallway on her hands in nothing but her red lacy underwear and high heels Cass smacks into two very big, very sexy men and turns her whole life upside down.
Doug and Damon are enthralled by Cass. They want her, in their bed, in their lives, in their future. She is the perfect balance of strong and submissive and both men will do anything to convince her that she belongs with them.
But someone doesn’t agree. Someone wants Cass gone and is willing to do anything to see that she stays away from Doug and Damon, commit any act to scare her into walking away. Even murder.

Bare Seduction by Lacey Thorn

They sat in silence for a moment before Katie asked, “So can you walk on your hands?”
Cass laughed. “Piece of cake.”
Katie shook her head. “I never could do that. I could do all the flips and tumbles you wanted but I could not stay on my head.”
Cass bounced up. “It’s all about hand placement and body control. Wait, I’ll show you.” She stood up and looked down at the short red dress she was wearing. “Well, not in this.” She pulled the dress over her head and threw it on the futon behind her. She was gorgeous in a silk and lace red bra and panty set with red high heels. She moved to the roomy hall that led from the front door to the living room.
Cass bent over and braced her hands on the floor. When she found her balance she eased her body over and up until she was in a handstand position. Slowly she made her way down the hall toward the front door with Moira, Katie and Catherine crowded into the living room doorway behind her watching with avid eyes. Cass heard Moira mutter “Shit!” before she realized the front door had opened and closed. The next thing she knew two hands wrapped around each of her legs and when she looked up her now braced body she saw two men standing over her.
They were each holding one of her legs against their far shoulders forcing her legs into a wide ‘v’ shape. Cass caught her breath as she felt a hard sexual pull deep in her belly when she looked up at them and from the way they were looking down at her, the way their fingers were caressing her calves, they were feeling something similar. She wanted them both could see them all entwined on a big bed naked as the day they were born, flesh to flesh to flesh. It was the most erotic fantasy she had ever had and she might have just acted on it if Catherine Daniels hadn’t stepped into the hall just then and shattered the sexual spell.
“Doug, Damon, perhaps you should let go now so Cass can get dressed before anyone else comes in and joins us.”
The two men helped her flip back over and gain her feet their hands running over her thighs and ass as they “helped”. Cass tried to step away but the dark haired one who looked a little like Gil and must be the middle brother Doug she had heard about held her arm and kept her beside him.
“The others are right behind us,” Doug told the beautiful woman that he refused to let go of. “I’ll show you to another room you can use to catch your breath and redress while Damon grabs your clothes.”
Moira threw Cass’ dress at the blond that must be Damon and he caught it in one hand while Doug pulled her down the hallway, past the living room where the women all stood and watched until he opened another door. He pulled her inside with him and Damon stepped through after them and shut the door. Cass was immediately caught between the two men’s bodies so tightly that she could feel their large erections against her. She tilted her head back on Damon’s shoulder allowing Doug better access to her throat which he was nipping and sucking at. Damon leaned down and took her mouth with a kiss so carnal she felt singed by it. Cass had often fantasized about two men at once and she would definitely like to be the filling in this sandwich. But there were people in the other room and no matter how drunk she was she didn’t sleep with men she didn’t know.
Finding strength she didn’t know she had she pushed away and walked further into the room away from where they both stood watching her.
“I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”
“But you want to,” Damon stated. It was not a question as they all knew the answer to that.
Cass looked up and was snagged by the two sets of blue eyes that met hers. “Yes, I want to but I won’t.”
“Then what’s stopping you?” Doug demanded.
“I don’t know you.” Cass whispered.
“Then when everyone leaves we’ll remedy that,” Damon stated before picking up her dress from where he had dropped it on the floor and tossing it to her. “Go ahead and get dressed for now.”
“We’ll wait for you out in the living room,” Doug told her reaching behind him and tugging the door open. “Don’t take too long.”
With that the two men left her alone and Cass took a breath to clear her head clamping her dress tight against her chest while she struggled to breathe much less think. What in the world had she got herself into? And more importantly how did she get herself out of it?

Would you give in? Would you walk away? I know exactly what I would do...but then again I did create Cass, Doug and Damon...

Lacey Thorn
It's your world...unlaced.

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