Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Invisible Space Alien Vampires

Many, many moons ago, about 20 years worth, the Inquirer wrote about fun things like INVISIBLE SPACE ALIEN VAMPIRES.
The premise of the story was this:
Cats are not really furry, four-legged mammals with a penchant for milk. Oh no, not at all. In reality Cats are a type of police from outer space. They have come to the world to save us. They see on a spectrum that we can not see. Therefore, only they can see the INVISIBLE SPACE ALIEN VAMPIRES that have come to attack and conquer Earth. So the next time your "Cat" is running around the house in a crazy manner, climbing up the curtains after something you can't see, dashing from here to there pell mell and running up your bare legs with claws out, don't scream and toss Kitty out on her ear. Thank her for keeping you safe.

I mention this cause my new "Kitty" SAVED me from a fate worse than death. She captured the INVISIBLE SPACE ALIEN VAMPIRE that was directly under my feet. She defeated the one that was on my leg. And most importantly, she demolished the INVISIBLE SPACE ALIEN VAMPIRE that was poisoning my ham sandwich during lunch.


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