Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Serial Story

I blog sporadically. You've probably noticed.
I am always at a loss of what to blog about. So I end up blogging about Invisible Space Alien Vampires (see yesterday).
I decided to start a Serial. Whenever I blog I will write the next installment. This serial will be written off the cuff, so I have no idea where it will go. You will find out as I do. I will let the Characters write the story.

Now, since I wrote about cats yesterday, I decided to develop a story about a moon in the thirteen planet system called Dyad. If you have read Prophecy of Vithan and/or Stone of Cruento you know that there is a Twin Planet System in which there is two planets Dkr and Sonij encircled with thirteen moons. Each moon has its own ecosystem, its own type of inhabitant based on different animals and mythic creatures.

Dyad is a moon based on the lion. The Spirit is named Leana. She is a lion-headed woman holding an onyx staff. The heroine's name is Zna Menita. The hero's name is Lovac.
That is all I am going to tell you tonight. Stop by for the next installment tomorrow.

By the way, Lise Fuller of the blogged about
Guatemala - Land of Volcanoes. She says "“Sweat beaded my brow, but when the afternoon came, the torrents of rain chilled me to the bone…”
~ Lise Fuller, her journal of Guatemala Stop by and read the full blog.

If you haven't read Prophecy of Vithan or Stone of Cruento you can go here to purchase your copy. Simply click on the cover picture of the book you want to purchase.

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